Womp Alpha: Free 3D Model Maker

Το Womp Alpha είναι μια καταπληκτική και εύχρηστη διαδικτυακή εφαρμογή για δημιουργία και δημοσίευση τρισδιάστατων μοντέλων.

womp alpha

The Womp Aplha it's free and runs through your browser, meaning you can access it on whatever operating system you're running. It can make XNUMXD models, from a jelly-like material, which you can "melt", "merge" two pieces, split them, etc.

In general, you can effortlessly create and edit complex XNUMXD models, animations, and even XNUMXD prints right from your browser.

You can also work cooperatively as a team and share and mix models with each other to create new builds.

Way of use
Step 1: In the first place Click here to enter the program website.

Step 2: To start playing with it you need to create a free account. You can sign up with your Google account or if you don't want to give your details you can sign in with our temporary email (which we like to use when we want to test the different services):
Email aassdd@yopmail.com and password 12345678a.

womp alpha 3

If you enter with your email at the beginning you will see a lesson on handling the program. You either watch it to the end or press skip in the top right to skip it.

womp alpha 1

Step 3: On the regular page of the program, which also has the various constructions, click on “NewProject” (New File) at the top left of the screen to start creating a new XNUMXD model.

womp alpha 2

The program starts with a transparent sphere (negative), a cube and a normal sphere (positive). You can use the “Objects” icon at the top to add the basic blocks (Primitives) of your design, such as Cubes, Spheres, Cylinders, etc. You can also add models shared by others to your design.

In the second Material icon on the top toolbar you can select the Materials you want to use for the XNUMXD objects, such as Metal, Plastic, Glass, Jelly, Rubber and more. Click on any object to select it and use this feature to change its material.

In addition, you can change the background of the design (background), the lighting (lighting) as well as various other features with the Function.

Step 4: To modify the shape, size, position, angle, etc. of any object, click on the object to select it and use the various accompanying arrows to do the job.

You will find that when you bring objects close together they will merge, break apart, etc. as if they were thick.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with your model, you can click the “Publish” button in the upper right corner of the interface and publish it to the community. You can also download the design as an image or 3D model in various popular file formats.

Finally you can save a video of your XNUMXD design.

Anyway, playing and learning, we made this in half an hour:

womp alpha 3

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