WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 Speakers

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018: A few weeks left until the big day of the Greek WordPress Community (Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Saturday, December 15, 2018) and the organizers present the speakers of WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018.

They are people of technology, the market and the community, and they will share their knowledge and experiences with the public.WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018

The page of the organizers states

About 30% of the sites you read every day are based on the open source WordPress software. A platform whose use is constantly increasing, especially in Greece. That is why we are organizing WordCamp Thessaloniki, a WordPress conference, but not exclusively this one.

WordCamp discusses various topics: Startups, E-Commerce, Blogging, these are just some of the topics covered in conferences like the one being prepared.

Globally, WordCamps are supported by the WordPress Foundation - the official and charitable foundation dedicated to maintaining the openness of WordPress - which means that the conference is approved and recognized by the Foundation.

Who's about WordCamp?

A WordCamp is for everyone involved with WordPress and beyond, at all levels and levels of knowledge. The conference is addressed to any internet user who is interested in being informed about the developments around WordPress, without any restrictions: Web Developers, Web Designers, Bloggers, Journalists, Content Editors, Web Editors, Social Media Managers and many other specialties are just a few from the categories of professionals to whom the conference is addressed.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 Who organizes it

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 is organized by volunteers, members of the WordPress Greek Community. Specifically, 15 members of the community shared responsibilities and are working on the implementation of the conference for the third consecutive year, after two successful WordCamp Athens.

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 How it is funded

As we said above, the WordPress Foundation is the valuable partner and supporter of our effort. Thus, WordCamp Thessaloniki is funded to a large extent by the official sponsors and supporters of the Foundation, however, having the opportunity to seek domestic financial sponsorships or service offers from companies operating in Greece.

The speakers

Nikolas Giannopoulos

Nikos Giannopoulos lives and works in Corfu and is a graduate of the Polytechnic School of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia (2007-2013). From 2012 to 2015 he worked as a full stack web developer while at the same time as a freelancer he developed his techniques regarding Product Design & Development, User & Customer Experience. From 2015 until today he has participated in the creation and establishment of the brands Filox, Konnect, Motivar, Wibee with a total of over 200 customers in Greece and Abroad.

Participation in conferences and exhibitions:

1. 2012 participation and award in the Festival of Industrial Informatics in Kavala, with the theme "Remote control system of home greenhouses with environmental sensors".
2. 2016 speaker at WordCamp Athens on 'WordPress for Offline Phonegap Hybrid Mobile Application with Geo Sniffing'.
3. 2017 workshop at the Ionian University of Corfu, on "From the problem to the solution: Modern digital applications for tourism companies" .4. 2018 participation in the Hotel Technology Innovation Show in London with Wibee, being the only Greek software company in the Exhibition.
5. 2018 workshop at the 2nd conference "Corfu Tourism University Forum 2018" on "Increase revenue for Hoteliers, deliver experiences to visitors".

Alexandros Kaunas

He is 26 years old with studies in the Department of Informatics of EKPA. He lives in Athens and works at bracket [], in the city center. He has been working as a developer for the last eight years, while WordPress came into his life about two years ago. He is passionate about the good code and the challenges that arise and he has to face it. He is "obsessed" with perfection and emphasizes detail. She loves beer (preferably weiss) and plain coffee. He is willing to help and likes to share his practices with new developers.

Diamantis Kitridis

Diamantis Kitridis has been specializing in Digital Marketing for the last 17 years. His practical experience and research work include knowledge on creating an online community, measuring campaign effectiveness (ROI) measurements, analyzing and evaluating statistics from Social Networks and optimizing search engines. He has distinguished himself for designing and developing integrated strategies for promoting companies, products, public figures and policies on Social Media. He was the inspirer and creator of some of the first Facebook campaigns in Europe, in 2007. His assets include the writing of the book Social Media Facebook Marketing, the first complete book on Facebook Marketing in Greek and foreign literature. He has been the Academic Manager and PhD of the Diploma in Social Media, which is carried out in collaboration with Citrine Marketing Communication with City University.

Nastia Kolomoytseva

Nastia was born in Ukraine and came to Greece at the age of 14. The change of environment but also the learning of a language as demanding as Greek made her set goals from a young age and try hard to achieve them.

In 2012, she completes her studies in Applied Informatics in Business Administration and enters the market with the aim of creating her own business, and she succeeds. In 2013 he founded Be Digital which was a web design agency until 2015, which he knows WPMU DEV, and everything changes.

As a member of the team of a leading company in its field, she learned that she wants a lot of work to climb but even more to stay there.

Nastia holds the position of support "Rock Star" in WPMU DEV and she will be happy to explain to you what this means and how it works properly.

Giannis Konstantakopoulos

John has been a UI & UX designer and front-end developer for many years. He was a key member of ILG, part of The Web Standards Project, which aims to promote the global use of standards to ensure a fair web. Although a frivolous author, his articles have been published in books and Web magazines, such as Smashing Magazine.
Rationalist by nature, he remains a fanatical student and tries to meet people smarter than him, something that between us, is not so difficult. Controls entropy with typography and colors, melodies and morning run.
He runs one English and one  Greek website.

Lena Lekkou

He has been working in the wider field of Design since 2009, while in the last 2 years he has entered the field of education, undertaking the coordination of the Web Department at the SAE educational institution in Athens. Organizer of the Athens Gamification Meetup. A big fan of Interaction Design, with a special love for anything creative.

Thanos Leontaris

Thanos Leontaris is a lawyer-legal consultant based in Thessaloniki, holds an MBA and is an LLM candidate in International Law. He is a research associate of the University of Nicosia and Globaltraining in the field of digital currency regulation and legal advisor of Blockchain Legal Advisory International based in Cyprus. Thanos is a graduate of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has participated in an educational program at the Academy of Intellectual Property of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has been certified as Data Protection Officer. His area of ​​expertise is legal advice to start-ups, personal data legislation, tax law, intellectual property and blockchain legal issues. Before beginning his legal career in Thessaloniki, he worked as a telecommunications consultant, as a marketing manager for a private college and as an associate of the Secretary General of Public Works. He has participated in internship programs for the US State Department, NATO and Montgomery County (Maryland, USA). In his spare time he is a volunteer firefighter and start-up mentor for the AMKE People's Trust in Thessaloniki.

Angelos Synadakis

Angelos Synadakis has a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master in Business Administration. He has extensive experience in developing web applications as he has developed many such projects in the past. In recent years he has been the General Manager of Social Mind and from this position he helps companies to bring results by changing the way they build and use their digital channels.
Over the last few years he has had the opportunity to work with more than 180 companies from a variety of different industries. During these collaborations, innovative online strategies were designed and implemented which included the development of electronic applications, websites and online stores as well as the use of online communication channels, advertising media, etc. Some of the industries he has worked with are retail, supermarkets, catering, health, beauty, tourism and others.
He is a very ambitious person who learns quickly, is constantly looking for new opportunities and has a great interest in management, new technologies and mathematics.

Maria - Anna Tanagia

He has been publishing since 2001, working in print, radio and electronic media. Her new great love, copywriting, came into her life in 2010 with the financial crisis.
Create it publiSHIT magazine, as a case study for her dissertation on Journalism and the New Media. This is a magazine in which all readers without exception can become editors, editors or storytellers. After all, he firmly believes that all people have at least one interesting story to tell. The stories that move her are hosted on her blog in the Huffington Post Greece, while the column of stories has been awarded at the Regional Media Awards.
He has been awarded as Disruptor, ie as one of the 50 "young" entrepreneurs of Northern Greece. For her, communication is the most beautiful art form and its digital version, the strongest bet for those who are content creators. As an Adult Educator in the Journalism Department of IEK Alpha, she tries to inspire the next generation of professionals to create the right content. As a business partner, she tries to help them bring out all those elements that will inspire the public to connect effectively with them.

Gerasimos Tsiamalos

Gerasimos has been involved in web design since 2001. In 2007 he came in contact with WordPress and in 2012 he entered the field of premium WordPress themes as its co-founder CSSIgniter.com. In his free time he deals with the expansion / maintenance of his small collection of old computers.



George Hatzopoulos

George Hatzopoulos started Stonewave in 2010, having previously worked for British and Greek companies as a Web Developer. Due to Stonewave's love for Research & Development, Stonewave has managed to acquire a multi-specialty customer base, with different needs in Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, the USA. and the Emirates (Dubai). Stonewave has 4 divisions - Company Profiles / Gadgets, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps and custom software platforms. In 2018, two members of the team (Costas Pappas, Stamatis Konstantaras) evolved as Head of E-Commerce and Head of Websites and Applications. Stonewave has an international clientele (Calzedonia, Adidas, Universal Group, PAOK, NAK, INTRAKAT, Kathimerini, MLS, Agnotis, 1Clique Systems). Stonewave is a shareholder in other Startups (Aloyalo, Mojestik, DailyChef). Stonewave has been awarded Code & Design awards (Awwwards, FW awards), EVGE awards, Business Technician Awards (Estia Awards, METLIFE Dubai Int'l Fintech Contest 2017). Stonewave participated in the 83rd TIF in the context of Digital Greece.

Maziar Firuzmand

Reflecting on his multifaceted educational background, which includes a degree in Graphic Design, a Bachelors in Applied Arts, a Master's Degree in Theater Management and a Doctorate in Communication & Media Studies, Maziar plays a hybrid role in physics. and Artbees product design and overall strategy.
Artbees is a theme development company behind the popular WordPress theme Jupiter X and a member of the Envato Wall of Fame. Jupiter X has 100000+ users from all over the world.

Raffaella Isidori

Creates brands and designs communication for businesses around the world. It also helps companies adapt to Italian or English at home. In addition, he studies, teaches, photographs, writes, translates and trains professionals and entrepreneurs in communication and language. Curious like cats, practicing intelligence and with a love for diversity, she collects books, fonts and essential oils. He currently lives and works in the Italian countryside, surrounded by flora and fauna, where he cultivates dreams and expands boundaries. You can see her work at www.raffaellaisidori.com. Online, is zetaraffix.

Abdullah Ramzan

A Software Engineer, member of Nextbridge PressTigers (Pvt.) Ltd. as a WP plugin developer, who loves to contribute to open source projects. He contributes regularly to the WordPress kernel since WP 4.9.3 and has contributed to Gutenberg, Postman SMTP, WP Job Manager, created many open source projects, in addition to reporting a few bugs to the Facebook Graph API as an error hunter. It is an active part of the PressTigers development team that created simple plugins like Simple Job Board, Simple Event Planner and Flexy Breadcrumb. She loves helping people in different forums, especially the WordPress.org support forum, and actively monitoring forum meetings on the #forum channel for the WordPress Urdu support forum.
Online Presence:
- WP.org:https://profiles.wordpress.org/abdullahramzan/
- Twitter:https://twitter.com/Software_abi
- Github:https://github.com/abdullah1908/

David Remer

David has been working with PHP and WordPress for over ten years and launched his first WordPress site in 2005. As an open source fan he is a member of Pluginkollektiv (pluginkollektiv.org) which maintains popular plugins like Antispam Bee. He works for Inpsyde, the largest WordPress agency in Germany and a WordPress VIP partner. David also published a book on developing plugins in WordPress.

Marina Vassilyovska

Marina Vassilyovska is a full-stack marketer who seriously enjoys working with WordPress and considers it one of the best projects in the history of the Internet. She has over 10 years of digital experience and her background includes working in both a corporate environment and small marketing companies. Over the years she has developed several skills such as SEO, SMM, affiliate and content marketing and in 2018 she left her last position and founded her own digital marketing agency. Marina also leads the Marketing & Communications team for WordCamp Sofia 2018.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/vassilyovska

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