Wordlist Generator: Create Wordlists easily and quickly

Wordlist Generator (wordlist_generator) creates wordlists with unique words and techniques that refer to specific queries.

It takes URLs from gau, separates them to get words from each URL, and then creates the appropriate wordlist.

Finally, wordlist_generator removes everything from the list of word files from the "denylists" directory to maintain unique words, which you can use for domain, directory, parameter, vhosts, bruteforcing, etc.


$ git clone https://github.com/SomeKirill/wordlist_generator/ $ cd wordlist_generator $ pip install requests


$ ./wordlist_generator.py -d hackerone.com -a 5000 -t 50 $ ./wordlist_generator.py -d bugcrowd.com -a 1000 $ ./wordlist_generator.py -d intigriti.com> intigriti_wordlist.txt

You can download the program from here.

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