WordPress 4.7.4 fixes 47 bugs

WordPress 4.7.4: WordPress is a modern and very popular system of online publishing and content management (CMS).

In other words, it's a means to build a site or blog to publish all kinds of content: articles, thoughts, photos, videos, product and service information.WordPress 4.7.4

WordPress is available for free and is free open source software.

The Software Development Company has just announced the minor update WordPress 4.7.4. This update does not bring new features but fixes it errors of the previous one.

Since the release of the new version of WrrdPress 4.7.4: WrrdPress 4.7.4 corrects 47 errors that were in the 4.7.3 version. Some of these concern incompatibility between the upcoming version of Chrome and the image processor, inconsistencies in media handling, and further improvements to the REST API.

For more information, consult the list of changes.

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