WordPress 4.7.5 security update

Automattic has released WordPress 4.7.5. It's an update s for all previous versions and you should upgrade your pages immediately.WordPress 4.7.5
WordPress version 4.7.4 and earlier are affected by six Security:

  • Insufficient HTTP class redirect validation. It was mentioned by Ronni Skansing.
  • Improper handling of post-post- from the XML-RPC API. Reported by Sam Thomas.
  • Lack of post-data metadata capability in the XML-RPC API. It was reported by Ben Bidner of the WordPress Security Team.
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CRSF) vulnerability in the system credentials dialog . Reported by Yorick Koster.
  • Vulnerability scripting (XSS) when trying to send very large files. Reported by Ronni Skansing.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Customizer. It was mentioned by Weston Ruter of the WordPress Security Team.

In addition to the above security issues, WordPress 4.7.5 contains 3 maintenance fixes. For more information, see them release notes ή consult the list of changes.

Download the new one WordPress 4.7.5 or upgrade from the Toolbar → Updates by clicking the "Update Now" button.

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