WordPress 4.9.1 Billy Tipton with security fixes

On the night of November 15 2017 released the new WordPress 4.9 Billy Tipton, in honor of the homonymous jazz musician. The new WordPress 4.9 has come to simplify tasks like designing your page and keeping you safe from error code. WordPress 4.9

Last night the released the first fix of 4.9, (4.9.), which comes to close some security gaps discovered in the previous one .

So, according to developers, the following were fixed:

  • #42573: File caching affecting users' ability to use the and theme file editors.
  • #42574: MediaElement upgrade causing JS when certain languages ​​are in use.
  • #42579: Incorrect logic in extract_from_markers().
  • #42454: Can not translate Codex URL into theme editor.
  • #42609: Theme editor can not edit files when running on a Windows server.
  • #42628: flatten_dirlist() doesn't play nice with folders with numeric names.
  • #42634: DB_HOST socket paths with colons not parsed correctly.
  • #42641: On multisite upgrade wp_blog_versions table doesn't get updated
  • #42673: Themes page throws console error when there is only one theme.

Let's note, however, that 57 is the version that brings many important internal changes:

The Customizer application has more features that allow you to save, schedule, or save drafts of the changes you made to the theme of your page.

So you can design your site with ease, and schedule when the changes you've made will be live.

Download the new version, or upgrade directly from the admin panel

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