WordPress 4.9.6 with 37 enhancements and 51 bug fixes

As we mentioned this morning, Automattic released the WordPress 4.9.6 version today. The new release according to the release notes is a version dedicated to the protection of personal data. Includes 37 enhancements, 51 bug fixes, and 2 tasks. See the full list of tickets closed in Trac.WordPress 4

The changes made to the European Union's Privacy Policy (GDPR) refer to the Comments, a Privacy Policy and Data Management Page. In addition to the changes for GDPR, the new version also has additional features:

  • "Mine" was added as a filter in the media library.
  • When you test a plugin from the admin panel, it will display the minimum PHP version needed.
  • Add new PHP polyfills for compatibility in larger versions and valid validation.
  • TinyMCE was upgraded to the latest version (4.7.11).

So those of you who have a WordPress site should be upgrading immediately. You can do this through the admin panel, or by downloading the new version from WordPress.org


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