WordPress 5.0 Bebo has just been released

WordPress 5.0 Bebo just was released, a few days after the scheduled date. What the new version brings you can see from here.

What should you do? First you need to think about the following: WordPress 5

  • Is it the right time to update?
  • Can you work with Gutenberg?

If you have other jobs and can not do in case something goes wrong, it is better to postpone the update. Multiple releases of the new version are already planned, and most likely everything will be more stable in January.

WordPress 5.0, in addition to Gutenberg Editor, also brings changes to the way the platform handles new releases. We could expect the release of two major versions of WordPress per year, with many mini updates in between.

Now, the WordPress Core team plans to release the scheduled release model. The idea is that, without the pressure of pre-determined deadlines, the platform will be able to make bigger leaps in development as no non-essential updates are released.

WordPress 5.0 brings Gutenberg editor for the first time. Gutenberg is changing the way WordPress posts are made. So maybe your editors are having a hard time with this particular upgrade.

However if you choose to upgrade and can not get Gutenberg, you can install it Classic Editor plugin, and the good old word processor will appear.

It should be noted that there is a case where the plugins you use are not ready for WordPress 5.0. Many of them have been updated, but if you use a very specialized one that is not updated often, avoid the update and contact the developer of the plugin.

Do you need WordPress 5.0?

If there is no compelling reason for the update, you should wait. WordPress 5.0 will be more stable in January than it is now.

If you still choose to upgrade to WordPress 5.0, keep a backup before you begin. This applies to any major software release.

Watch the presentation video:


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