WordPress 5.1.1 security update and maintenance

WordPress 5.1.1 is here! This is a security and maintenance update that brings 10 fixes and enhancements, along with some changes designed to help hosting providers prepare the ground for the minimum PHP requirement coming in the 5.2 release.
WordPress 5

This release also includes two security updates that manage how comments are filtered and how they are stored in the database.

With a malicious comment, WordPress CMS was vulnerable to cross-site scripting.

The versions of WordPress 5.1 and older are affected by these bugs, which are fixed in the 5.1.1 version. The error was discovered by Simon Scannell of RIPS Technologies.

You can read more on announcement of the new version.

A complete list of Trac changes
Download the new version.
Here, let's say that 5.1.1 as a security update should be installed on its own.


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