WordPress 5.2 what will bring the upcoming CMS

WordPress 5.2 is expected to be released by the end of April. The upcoming release will release with improvements to the block editor, site checking.

Below we'll see what's coming up in the upcoming WordPress 5.2 CMS

WordPress 5

Note: You can try the beta version on your computer or in some staging environment using the plugin WordPress Beta Tester.

WordPress 5.2 is still there in development, which means that some features mentioned below may change or not be released in this release.

Improved Protection for WordPress Problems

The most common mistakes in WordPress are usually fatal errors that prevent users from accessing the administration panel.

Users to revisit the dashboard should undo the changes through FTP or request support from the company hosting the files on their site.

WordPress 5.2 brings a new recovery feature for webmasters. In the event of a fatal error, you will see a message stating: "This site is experiencing technical difficulties".

WordPress will then send an e-mail to the administrator address with a dedicated link link.

Using this link, you will be able to log in to the WordPress administration panel to undo any changes that caused the error.

This feature will be very practical for many beginners who have difficulty correcting such bugs.

Updates to the WordPress 5.2 block processor

The WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) was added to the CMS from WordPress 5.0. Since then, it has continued to grow to improve further.

WordPress 5.2 will bring some new features and improvements to the block editor.

The new WordPress processor according to developers will be much faster than the older classic CPU. It will be around 35% faster in editing huge publications.

Improvements to accessibility

The goal of WordPress is to create a platform for everyone to make publications. WordPress 5.2 will bring several accessibility improvements to the block editor.

It will support reduced settings in the user's browser.
The post URL will have better writing to make it easier to locate.
The block editor Will have a clearer and more stable focusing style for navigation through the keyboard.
WordPress 5.2 will also have an enhanced screen-reader experience with new voice messages. Existing speech messages also improve to make it clearer.

Insert new blocks

WordPress 5.2 will also bring the following to the default processor. Some of them already existed as Widgets, but now you can use them in your posts as well as on the pages.

RSS feed - Allows you to view any RSS feed on your posts and pages.
Amazon Kindle embed block - Allows you to embed content from the Amazon Kindle
Block Search - Add the default WordPress search feature to your content.
Block Calendar - Displays a calendar of your posts that allows users to click on a date to see the posts posted that day.
Tag Cloud block - Displays the Tag Cloud in your content.

A new block management tool

WordPress 5.2 will bring a new block management tool that will allow you to hide blocks that you do not want to use or that you do not often use.
The Block Manager Tool will display all the blocks you have on your site. You can simply remove the blog you do not want to use.


WordPress is used by millions of people around the world, and different hosting companies with different environments.

This is why WordPress CMS continues to support some older versions of PHP, which is far from a little problematic. Users may not realize that their page can be made faster simply by using a newer version of PHP.

WordPress 5.2 will make the version of PHP in 5.6 a minimum requirement for installation. The goal is to gradually increase the minimum required version of PHP in future releases.


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