WordPress 5.4.1: Security Update

WordPress developers have released 5.4.1 version which reportedly addresses some security issues and resolves 11 issues. For more see note.

Welcome to WordPress 5.4.1.

Each main version adds more to the block processor.



More ways to bring your pages and articles to life with your best images. More ways to get visitors and keep them busy with rich embedded content from the best internet services.

More ways to make your vision a reality, and put the blocks in the perfect position - even if a certain type of block is new to you. More efficient procedures.

And more speed everywhere, so as you create sections or collections or just type a text, you can understand how fast your work is progressing.

Two new blocks. And better blocks overall.

  • Two brand new blocks: Links and social media buttons add interactive features safe and easy.
  • New color modes: gradient on Button and Cover blocks, access to color options from the toolbar on Rich Text blocks, and for the first time, color options on the Groups and Columns blocks.
  • No need to guess! Version 5.4 defines the same procedure for using and changing media on each block. Now it works the same way on almost every block!
  • If you ever thought that the image in the Multimedia + Text block should lead to something else — maybe the image of a directory should save the directory document? Now you can.

Easier user interface, cleaner navigation — and easier use of tabs!

  • Cleaner navigation between blocks, with route blocks. And an easier option when you get there.
  • For the moments you need to navigate with the keyboard, better tab and focus series. In addition you can go with a tab in the sidebar of almost all blocks.
  • Speed! 14% faster loading of the word processor, 51% faster time until typing!
  • The tips are gone. In their place has been added the Welcome Guide window, which you can open when you need it - and only then - over and over again.
  • You will know at a glance if you are in block or navigation mode. If you have limited vision, the screen reader will tell you what condition you are in.

Of course, if you want to work with the latest tools and features, install it Gutenberg additive. You will be the first to use new fantastic features in the block processor before anyone else sees them!

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