WordPress 5.7.1 with security fixes

Automattic developers announce release of new version of WordPress CMS 5.7.1.

With this new version, WordPress brings you renewed . The debugger helps you work in some places you couldn't before without having to write code or hire a professional.

The που τε περισσότερο, όπως η font size, they are in more places, exactly where you need them. And layout changes that should be simple, like full-height images, are made even simpler.
Maintenance and safety publications

Version 5.7.1 addresses some security issues and resolves 26 issues. See for more details note.

Δείτε την τελευταία έκδοση του WordPress field guide. Περιέχει επισημάνσεις για τους προγραμματιστές για κάθε that you might want to be aware of.WordPress 5.7 Development Guide

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