WordPress 5.7 Esperanza has just been released

WordPress 5.7 "Esperanza" was released today. It was named after Esperanza Spalding, an American jazz singer, songwriter and composer in the early 20s.

Versions 9.3 - 9.9 of the Gutenberg add-on are included in this update, bringing with it hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes that make blockchain work more efficient.

One of the highlights is the new drag-and-drop capabilities in the block importer. You can now drag blocks and block patterns directly in the post content area, making page creation even faster.

But one of the most exciting technical improvements of version 5.7 is one-click portability from HTTP to HTTPS. WordPress web software can now detect if the hosting environment supports HTTPS and be updated at the touch of a button, correcting mixed content rewrites where possible. This feature is available on the site's "health" suggestion screen.

More information at announcement of the new version.

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