WordPress 5.8.1 fixes 3 security vulnerabilities

Yesterday evening September 8, 2021, WordPress 5.8.1 was released to the public. The informed faces one security and solves 60 problems. For more see it note.


According to WordPress:

Dawaffe, a member of the WordPress Security Team, helped fix a security flaw in the REST API.
Michał Bentkowski of Securitum reported an XSS vulnerability in the block .
Lodash library was updated to version 4.17.21 for upstream security fixes.

The WordPress security team would also like to thank the following for their assistance:

Evan Ricafort for reporting an XSS vulnerability to the block editor of version 5.8.
and Steve Henty for reporting a privilege escalation issue again to the block editor.

You can download the update from official site, or upgrade your page from the admin panel Dashboard - Updates

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