WordPress 5.8 The next stop of full editing

WordPress 5.8, the new version has been released, From changelog:

After months of hard work, the power of blocks has come to both the Block Gadget Processor and the Adapter.


You can now add blocks to both gadget areas on your site and with a live preview via the Adapter. This opens up new possibilities for content creation: from codeless mini-layouts to the huge core kernel and block library. For our developers, you can find more details at Developer Notes gadget.

View Articles with New Blocks and Patterns

Query Loop Block makes it possible to display posts based on defined parameters. like a codeless PHP loop. Easily display posts from a specific category to do things like create a portfolio or a page full of your favorite recipes. Think of it as a more sophisticated and powerful block of Recent Posts! In addition, pattern suggestions make it easier than ever to create a list of posts with the design you want.

wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru
wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru

Edit Templates Around Posts

You can use your own block editor to edit templates that retain your content - just enable a block theme or a theme that has been featured for this feature. Go from editing your posts to editing your pages and come back again, using a familiar block editor at the same time. There are more than 20 new blocks available on compatible themes. Read more about this feature and how to experiment with it in the release notes.

Three Workflow Assistants

wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru

Overview of the Page Structure

Sometimes you need a simple landing page, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful. As blocks grow, patterns emerge, and content creation becomes easier, new solutions are needed to make it easier to navigate complex content. List View is the best way to navigate between content levels and insert blocks. Because List View provides you with an overview of all the blocks in your content, you can now quickly navigate to the exact blocks you need. Are you ready to focus fully on your content? Turn it on or off to fit your workflow.

Suggested Patterns for Blocks

Starting with this release, the Template Transformation Tool will suggest block patterns based on the block you are using. Right now, you can try it in Block Query and Social Icon Block. As more patterns are added, you will be able to get inspired on how to design your website without ever leaving the editor!

wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru
wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru

Image Styling and Coloring

Paint your image and cover the blocks with duotone filters! The duotone can add a little bright, vibrant color to your designs and style your images (or videos on the cover) to blend in well with your themes. You can think of the duotone effect as a black and white filter, but instead of the shadows being black and the highlights being white, you choose your own colors for the shadows and highlights. There is more to learn about how it works in documentation.

For Developers to Explore

wordpress, wordpress download, wordpress what is it,, iguru


Introducing the Global Styles and Global Settings API: check the editor settings, customization tools, and style blocks using a theme.json file in the active theme. This configuration file enables or disables functions and sets default styles for both a site and blocks. If you are creating themes, you can experiment with this early replay of a useful new feature. For more on what is available today and how it works, take a look at this developer note .

Stop support for Internet Explorer 11

Support for Internet Explorer 11 has stopped since this release. This means that you may have problems managing your site, which will not be fixed in the future. If you are currently using IE11, it is highly recommended that switch to a more modern browser.

WebP support added

WebP is a state-of-the-art image format that provides improved lossy and non-lossy compression for web images. WebP images are about 30% smaller on average than their JPEG or PNG counterparts, resulting in sites that are faster and use less bandwidth.

Add Additional Support Blocks

Support for previous blockchain implementations of WordPress is being extended5.6 and 5.7, WordPress 5.8 introduces some new notifications and new options to customize your declared blocks. More information on availability at block development support note.

Check out the Development Guide for more!

Check out the latest version of WordPress Development Guide. Contains hints for developers of any changes you might want to be aware of.WordPress 5.8 Development Guide



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