WordPress 6.2 Dolphy

WordPress is free and open source software used to create websites, blogs or applications.

It is written in PHP and MySQL and is used as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress web software by 14%(+) of the largest 1.000.000 websites in circulation.

WordPress 62

So today the development team released WordPress version 6.2. The update brings more than 292 improvements and 394 bug fixes since the WordPress 6.1 release that was in November 2022.

Η announcement of the new edition states:

“WordPress 6.2 Dolphy, named after woodwind jazz wizard, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. He was at the forefront of promoting improvisation, and collaborated with respected artists such as Charles Mingus and John Coltrane.

This latest version of WordPress redefines your website editing experience, brings more ways to style your page, and offers a new way of writing. Enhancements give you more control and freedom to express your creative talent. It brings something for everyone, whether you are a content creator, developer, page builder or designer.

Let Eric Dolphy's music rock you as you enjoy all that 6.2 has to offer.”

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WordPress 6.2

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  1. It prints a site critical error with an exhausted memory problem, I saw that it has happened to several people, it probably has something to do with the themes, anyway it has never happened to me before.

  2. It wasn't even named after the wizard Merlin, I upgraded it on two sites and both of them issued a critical error, while all plugins seemed to be compatible. Maybe it's about an evil witch...

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