WordPress All-In-One Security (AIOS) update instantly

Οι χρήστες του WordPress που χρησιμοποιούν το plugin All-In- Security (AIOS) to version 5.1.9 should update immediately.

aiosplugin.com issued a security warning because the plugin was storing user passwords in plain text in the database.wordpress security plugin aios

In the security notice, dated 13 July 2023, aiosplugin.com writes that one στην έκδοση 5.1.9 έχει διορθωθεί στο plugin AIOS της έκδοσης 5.2.0. Το σφάλμα επέτρεπε την προσθήκη κωδικών πρόσβασης των χρηστών στη βάση δεδομένων του WordPress σε μορφή απλού κείμενου. Έτσι κάποιος κακόβουλος με δικαιώματα θα μπορούσε να διαβάσει αυτούς τους κωδικούς πρόσβασης.

After the issue was reported, the developer fixed it with version 5.2.0. The update also removed the codes that were written in plain text so they no longer exist.

It's again an example showing that it's useful from a security point of view to use as few plugins as possible, keep them up to date, and not have many registered users who can log in. This prevents the exploitation of vulnerabilities in WordPress that can be done by logged in users.

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