WordPress that goes ball? Instructions from iGuRu.gr

Let's talk about speed. Do you use the platform that uses over 50% of the top 100 sites? WordPress is a simple content management system (or CMS from the content management system) that you use to build any site. WordPress

Although it was developed to build blogs, for years it has evolved and dominates as a complete program for building websites, e-shops, etc, etc.

Of course how fast a site loads with WordPress and not only affects the site's position in Google results but also the end user experience.

Below are some tips to improve the performance and speed of your WordPress page.

We will start with the basics, which should be a given to proceed to the most specific tweaks.

Fast Server

Choose the right hosting package from a reputable company. The server affects almost 50% of WordPress performance. Prefer hosting packages with good support and quality features despite the thousands of cheap packages on the market. A good solution is the hosting packages that are specially made for WordPress.

WordPress can be installed in any environment, but it works better and faster with certain web servers: LiteSpeed ​​Web Server or Apache / Ngnix will give you a good foundation for the platform.

LiteSpeed ​​is used by top sites such as WordPress.com, Joomla.org, Twitter etc. is faster than Apache, but also much more expensive.

WordPress Theme

Bitter story. Do you want an effect, do you want a page that looks like the super duper site you are trying to copy? Yes you can have it with the right theme, which contains 1002 features.
At the corresponding price is meant ..
Wrong: Theme selection is very important in WordPress, and if you are looking for recipes below we will try a first recipe:

Keep it Simple Stupid: The 1002 External Features and Focus on Ease of Reading, Speed, Free Online Support, SEO, and Perspective.

Avoid themes that promise everything. WordPress works in two levels. It has data located on the server and displays some of it for the visitor. The theme calls the files from the server and displays them to the visitor in the appropriate way.
The way a theme calls the data, but also the volume of data, significantly affect the speed of the site.

The themes that WordPress has with the installation, may lag behind in appearance, but they are fast and follow the technological developments. The Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Seventeen themes are very well designed by the WordPress team for example.
At iGuRu.gr we use our own custom made genesis Child theme. Of course we highly recommend it Genesis Framework if you are willing to pay, but also someone to bring it to your measures.

Bonus Tip: Follow the KiSS principle to avoid monster plugins like Jetpack. It also offers many functions but with countless calls, which make the page much slower.

Caching Plugins

Plugins such as WP Super Cache (from the WordPress team) and W3 Total Cache create static copies of pages that are stored on the server and displayed directly to the end user. In case of non-use of such plugins every click at some point of the theme starts a whole process on the server, for data recovery (photos, text, comments, etc.)
Let's give an example: You are the first to open a post on iGuRu.gr immediately after its publication. Clicking on its title starts a whole process. The server searches for images, text, or whatever the post contains. This will be done once, with the caching plugins we use. So the next visitor will see almost immediately the page that has been saved as everything on the server.

For most, the WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache plugins are more than enough. At iGuRu.gr we use only Autoptimize. Pay attention to the settings!

High Resolution Images

They are forbidden by bat, unless you are a photographer who wants to show his work. Use a plugin like Smush to lower the resolution of your images. Unfortunately all the reliable plugins that automatically download image resolution are not free.
General: Avoid GIFs, and save photos at low resolutions instead of the full resolution of a camera. Optimize JPG / PNG images with services like compressor.io or with a graphics program on your computer.

For advanced

WordPress speed can be further improved in the following ways, but do not try them if you do not know what to do:

Before you start: Backup everything

Reduce the plugins you use and delete all inactive plugins. Also delete old themes in the / themes folder. Generally do not leave rubbish in WordPress folders.

Clear your database of tables that have created plugins that you no longer use.

Clear wp_options of settings you no longer use.

Use the .htaccess or nginx.conf files for more settings

Use CDNs like CloudFlare to load photos and CSS and JS files faster. At iGuRu.gr we use CloudFlare and KeyCDN
Ask your web host if they offer reverse proxy services to improve the speed of WordPress.

These few. Contact your local doctor for more information or more detailed prescriptions.


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