WordPress: Bulk URL change from SQL

Let's "talk" about WordPress. After merging the iguru.gr database into the iguru database, all the links to the images showed the iguru.gr directories. For example:



So even though there were posts in iguru the images kept coming from iguru. So after transferring all the files from iguru / uploads to the iguru dir of the same name, we had to change the URLs en masse to get the images from:


Let's see how it's easy to do (make a backup of your database before trying it):

Below are the SQL commands we used to change URLs across the database.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace (option_value, 'https://static.iguru.gr/files', 'https://static.iguru.gr/files') WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';
UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace (guid, 'https://static.iguru.gr/files','https://static.iguru.gr/files');
UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace (post_content, 'https://static.iguru.gr/files', 'https://static.iguru.gr/files');
UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value = replace (meta_value, 'https: //static.iguru.gr/files','https: //static.iguru.gr/files');

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