WordPress; Stay away from sites like wpbeginner

Have you tried the WordPress CMS and liked it? Welcome to a new world of creation, development, scammers and adventurers.

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We have been using WordPress for many years and it is a fantastic platform. For those unfamiliar with WordPress, it is an open source content management system (CMS). It's a popular tool for people without coding experience who want to create websites and blogs.

The software is free. Those who are interested they can download it and install it on a server, use it or modify it completely free of charge. On the other hand, it is available for free but also for a fee, already installed on its servers wordpress.com

So far so good. WordPress as a web design software contains some features that can be extended with so-called plugins, or by adding code by those who have the ability to code.

So here comes wpbeginner, a site that has been designed in a very clever way to "catch" WordPress beginners.

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It initially started publishing free code to add features to WordPress, but slowly evolved into an online trap aimed at platform novices.

Right now if you open any post you will find dozens of affiliate links (which bring commissions to the site owner with every purchase you make) for expensive plugins, and controversial hosting services.

Most of the plugins that this site advertises, have been developed by them, or have been purchased. In general, all the plugins advertised by Mr. wpbeginner, strangely enough, are under the umbrella of the site.

For example

Beginners who do not know the platform and believe the promises of the site can end up with very expensive plugins and themes, while there are respectively free with the same or almost the same functionality.

A shocking example of hypocrisy is some SEO plugins (Search engine optimization) of WordPress, as viewed by the site.

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Before the owner of wpbeginner bought the All in One SEO plugin (AIOSEO), he supported and advertised the well-known Yoast SEO plugin, with the well-known affiliate links. Today and after the acquisition of the first plugin, the same guy has turned off Yoast SEO in comparative tests.

In our opinion for both plugins you already know her.

So be careful, what shines is not gold.

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