Facebook started job ads

Facebook launched a new job posting section yesterday, where users can find jobs and businesses can place job-related ads.

With the name "Jobs", The section is already available to everyone, both in desktop browsers and through mobile applications.

The Facebook boasted that it had over 2,2 billion monthly active users by the end of 2017 and a large number of these users are likely to look for one or more jobs at some point in their lifetime. The company wants to keep these users connected to its site and "hit" LinkedIn. And of course for all this it is based on "ease of use".

It is known that creating a profile on LinkedIn can sometimes be complicated and once you manage to create a nice LinkedIn page, the site will bombard you to death with countless alerts every day.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn (now part of Microsoft) has maintained its position as the top leader in job search portals, mainly due to its huge size.

But Facebook is much larger in users than LinkedIn (500 million in total, 100 million active users per month) and the almost daily friction with it makes it an easy and common platform, which does not alienate the user to apply for a job .

Facebook will automatically fill in the job history fields when you apply for a job, as well as other information it gets from your profile. Of course you can edit your application before submitting it. Businesses will only be able to see the information you provide to them as well as what is publicly available on your Facebook profile. On the other hand, users can subscribe to a company's Facebook page to receive new job notifications.

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