WSATools 1.0.0 brings APK packages and ARM64 support to Windows 11

Simone Franco, developer of WSATools, released version 1.0.0 in the Microsoft Store. The release brings some notable changes to the app, allowing users to install APK packages and run them on ARM64 devices.wsatools

WSATools is a third-party app for sideloading Android apps on Windows 11. It makes the process easier and more user-friendly by removing the need to install ADB and learn its commands. With WSATools, you can install your favorite Android apps with one click. It is a great tool for those who want to use Android apps that are not available in the Amazon App Store.

According to the developer, APK support was the most requested feature by WSATools users. APK packages are a compression format for Android apps that reduces the size of the app and simplifies the process of releasing it to the Google Play Store.

Another major change in WSATools 1.0.0 is support for the ARM64 architecture. Those with ARM PCs like the Surface Pro 9 can use the app to sideload Android apps and games using WSATools.

Finally, the update moves the project from UWP to WinAppSDK, which allows more freedom and stability in the WSATools app. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

WSA Tools

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