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As it became known, Xiaomi with its default browser collected data without informing the users of its smartphones.

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The most serious issue is that Xiaomi does not allow users to make any changes to the settings of this application.
To deactivate information collection from Mi Browser the following path is: Settings γές Applications σεις Settings System Applications → Mi Browser → Privacy & Security → Authorization. By deactivating the latter, a message is shown to us in reverse activation of the option Recall.

There are also other changes such as Disable ads etc.
In any case, I noticed that the settings of the application are reset to the factory, for example, Disable ads is "off".

The it is not root, it is a purchase from a store owned by the Greek Infoquest agency chain.

It would be ideal if some of you are Xiaomi owners, to verify my writing and ask the company why this is happening. That is, if the whole process simply deletes the data they have collected so far and continues their collection!

As a solution I suggest replacing this application by setting another browser as the default ( Applications → Manage applications → in the top 3 dots αρισ Default applications → Browser and select one of the installed)

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