Xiaomi escaped embargo in the US

Huawei was shut down in the United States in mid-May 2019, and since then, the US government has been monitoring several other companies as there are allegations of links to the Chinese authorities.

The latest big tech name to be blacklisted is Xiaomi. The company was added to the Entity List in January, when the US government decided to designate it as the Communist Chinese Military Company (CCMC).

The foreclosure decision was supposed to take effect on March 15, but it appears to have been suspended by U.S. federal judge Contreras, who ruled in Xiaomi's favor and temporarily suspended the White House's original decision.

Of course, Xiaomi is happy with this decision, and states that it only offers products to consumers, without ties to governments.

"The Company reiterates that it is a widespread, publicly traded, independent company offering consumer electronics exclusively for non-military but commercial use," Xiaomi said in a press release.

In addition, the Chinese company states that it is now ready to fight the CCMC definition, asking the court to abolish it permanently.

The Company believes that the decisions to designate it as a "Chinese Communist Military Company" are arbitrary and the judge agrees with it. The Company will continue to ask the court to declare the designation illegal and to abolish it permanently. Xiaomi is a young and energetic technology company. Over the years, the Company has offered amazing consumer electronics products such as smartphones and smart TVs at honest prices to consumers around the world. The Company is committed to working with our global partners to enable everyone in the world to enjoy a better life through innovative technology ".

Of course, there is no good news for Huawei, as it remains banned in the United States.

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