Xiaomi overtook Samsung in sales in Europe

Phone sales are still very strong according to the new data released by Strategy Analytics for the second quarter of the year.

Except for Samsung sales, as the company's phone shipments from South Korea fell by at least 7 percent, or 12 million units. Samsung currently controls 24% of the global market share.xiaomi, iguru, iguru.gr

But the news is not that Samsung's sales have fallen. The company almost lost its leading position and not even from Apple.

Strategy Analytics reports that Xiaomi managed to sell 12,7 million phones in Europe during the quarter, enough to become the leading company on the continent for the first time in history.

Xiaomi currently has a market share of 25,3% in Europe.

Apple is third in the charts after managing to sell 9,6 million units in the second quarter and market share reaches 19,2%. But iPhones showed a 15,7% increase in sales compared to the same quarter last year.

Strategy Analytics he says:

Samsung maintained its number one position but lost its annual market share. Xiaomi entered the list of the first two for the first time, benefiting from the withdrawal of Huawei and LG. Apple took third place, followed by OPPO and vivo. Transsion, Realme, Lenovo-Motorola, Honor and Huawei are in the top ten for this quarter.

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