Xiaomi smartphone Remove Framework Service and bloatware

Those who own a Xiaomi smartphone will often have noticed high battery consumption accompanied by overheating of the mobile phone without any particular use by themselves. On a first reading of the battery usage history (Settings → Battery and performance ρίας Battery usage statistics) the Xiaomi Framework Service is usually first in percentage consumption.

The solution is to remove or disable this service.

With XiaomiADBFastbootTools, the process is easy and can be used to safely and quickly remove / disable many pre-installed applications. You can download the latest version here (https://github.com/Szaki/XiaomiADBFastbootTools/releases/tag/7.0.3)
Prerequisite is to have the Java SE Development Kit installed (latest 64bit version 15: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk15-downloads.html ) and have the drivers installed for your Xiaomi smartphone.

A complete guide there is

  • Settings → About phone → Press “MIUI version” repeatedly until “you are now a programmer” is displayed
  • Back to Settings → Additional settings → Developer options USB USB debugging, OK in message
  • We also activate "Installation via USB"

We connect the mobile phone with a USB cable to the computer, in the message that appears on the screen "Use USB for" nothing changes no matter what we choose.

We run the Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools application.

We wait and if we have done everything correctly then it shows us in the Device Info the serial number of the mobile and in the ADB tab the list of the applications that are installed in our device.

The process is simple: select the Xiaomi Service Framework and click Unistall!

In the Reinstaller tab we reinstall the applications that we removed. In the Disabler and Enabler tabs we have the list of applications that we can disable (which safe option) and those that we can activate (again if we disabled them) respectively.

An internet search finds a list of applications that we can safely remove.

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