Xiaomi erases the Mi from its name

Xiaomi is gradually removing the "Mi" logo from its brand. The products will simply be called Xiaomi.

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According to the XDA The well-known Chinese company "Mi Xiaomi" will be renamed to "Xiaomi", from the third quarter of 2021. This change is made to unify the global presence of the Xiaomi brand and close the gap of perception between the brand and its products. The change is expected to take some time to be implemented in all areas.

Xiaomi says it will retain the Redmi brand, which means that Xiaomi's top products will form a separate line alongside Redmi products, which will be aimed at the general public.

The name Mi was widely used in western markets, probably for reasons of readability and pronunciation. For example, phones like the Mi 11 are already called Xiaomi 11 in China. But Xiaomi obviously believes that its company name is now quite recognizable and better represents its products.

The name Mi has been christened the operating system of Android, MIUI, which is present in all Xiaomi mobile phones. We remind you that the co-founder of Xiaomi, had once commented that the Mi concerns two things: Mobile Internet and Mission Impossible. The first refers to Xiaomi's focus, and the second to the company's ambitions.

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