XSS weakness in the ikariam.gr browser game

The reader of iGuRu.gr, J0k3R-GR, has notified us of an XSS weakness in the browser game ikariam.gr. We quote the notification e-mail sent to the site's managers.

"Look at the image, I found a security gap on your website, it's XSS (image proof), it can be used for malicious purposes."

Capture 1

And the proof of vulnerability


The image link to a higher resolution
http://postimg.org/image/6lvaz49cn /

Continuing J0k3R-GR reports:

The vulnerabilities XSS we take advantage of them by inserting HTML or Javascript into a page. This code does not filter and can cause corruption in the site's code.

So a malicious user can cause:

1.Shield personal data
2.Key cookies
3. Changes that can only be made by the administrator
5.Refresh Shell
And much more.
To see if a page is vulnerable to XSS attacks then put it in a textbox on the page:
Many times, however, this is not enough.
The attacker may need to use various techniques to bypass filtering, for example by writing this:
And much more.
We thank the reader of our J0k3R-GR website for reporting the vulnerability to us and to the browser game executives who, as seen from the response date on the ticket, responded immediately.

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