How much was the Yahoo hacked database sold to the Dark Web?

2016 was a very difficult year for Yahoo that experienced two separate violations with 500 victims millions of users one and 1 billion users afterwards. Hackers who managed to steal details from 1 billion user accounts of the company, according to the New York Times, sold the Dark Web database last August for 300.000 dollars.

The information comes from Andrew Komarov, head of the information office at InfoArmor security company. The researcher told NYT that three buyers, including two prominent spammers and another who could participate in regular espionage actions, bought the whole database with 300.000 dollars from a group of hackers believed to be operating from Eastern

The amount of 300.000 dollars is considered humiliating, for a database containing one billion accounts. This means buyers paid for each 0,0003 cents account of the dollar to hackers.

Note that in addition to full names, passwords, birthdates and phone numbers, the database contains security and backup features in email addresses that could help reset your forgotten passwords.

Of course, these elements can be used in phishing attacks that may have accurate personal information, and are aimed at bank accounts, credit cards that you can imagine.

Komarov told Bloomberg that more than 150.000 accounts of the US government and military were found in the database, which means that hackers could threaten national security.

Yahoo, on the other hand, said it was unable to confirm Komarov's allegations yet. Meanwhile, the FBI said in a statement that it is investigating the violation.

It will be interesting to see what this revelation will bring to the future of Yahoo, which is preparing to be transferred to a new owner. Verizon up until the announcement of hack offered 4.8 billions to purchase the company.

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