Yalu: Released the first Jailbreak for iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1.1

Yalu: If you're using an iPhone 7 and haven't yet upgraded to iOS 10.2, first iPhone 7 jailbreak released. It is available for download, and can unlock devices running iOS 10.1.1.

Luca Todesco, in collaboration with him and Ian Beer, developed Yalu, the first jailbreak tool for iPhone 7, which is now released in beta. This means that although it is supposed to work best to stay away if you do not know exactly what you are doing. In short, if you are a novice novice better to leave it.yalu iPhone 7 Jailbreak (iOS 10.1.1

Although it is the first jailbreak for iPhone 7, it also works on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro devices, but only if running with iOS 10.1.1.

It's pretty easy to use. You should just transfer the jailbreak tool to your iPhone and then run it from the device.

Το jailbreak είναι διαθέσιμο ως αρχείο IPA που απαi it on a Mac or PC to transfer it to an iPhone. Once installed, it can be launched like any other app. Run it and let it do its magic.

It goes without saying that you should keep copies if you want to try it. So if something goes wrong you will be able to recover your data. Don't proceed without a good backup, as the tool, as mentioned above, is still in beta form.

The creators of jailbreak reported that rather later the tool would support more devices.

Download the Yalu

Download Yalu Jailbreak IPA


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