Yandex emails free under your own domain

Yandex emails for your domain: Do you have a website under your domain, and the hosting provider does not provide support for emails? No problem. There are a bunch of services that allow you to create whatever mailbox you need under @your_domain.Yandex

You will of course know that the service is available from Google (from G Suite), but costs $ 5 per email for your domain. At we used this service.
But it is our policy (when we have the opportunity) to avoid Google.

From today we use the service Mail for Domain of Yandex. Below we will see how you can set up your own domain.

Because we use Cloudflare, all the settings that we will present below were made in the Cloudflare DNS panel.

You can add all the DNS records required by Yandex Mail for Domain to your domain registrar panel (yes it is the company you purchased the domain from).

You must first confirm that your domain belongs.

Yandex Change DNS servers:

  • Primary DNS server:
  • Secondary DNS server:

Confirm Domain Ownership

Add MX records

  • Subdomain name - @
  • Type of record - MX
  • Data -
  • Priority - 10

Proceed with all the records provided by the Yandex service.


To test if your emails work, enter the email you created on the following webpage and click Check. If everything works well you will receive an email. If you now reply to the email you received, you can verify if sending with your settings is possible.

This was, in case you encounter a problem contact us from the comments of the post or in the (new) closed group of our Facebook page.



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