YIFY, Opensubtitles complaint for subtitles

YIFY, Addic7ed, opensubtitles.org, and Subscene: Roadshow continues the legal disputes against pirated sites, complaining to a federal court in Australia of the four pages that provide access to subtitle files. YIFY

The complaint allegedly infringed copyright.

According to the Roadshow consultant, the four websites with subtitles are Addic7ed, opensubtitles.org, Subscene and YIFY subtitles, which do "nothing but offering copyrighted subtitles".

The complaint alleges that the websites "do not differ" from other pirate websites, despite the fact that they do not have audio or visual content.

Another successful Roadshow case through the Australian Federal Court in April resulted in Australia's internet service providers being forced to block 16 online "pirate" websites due to their use of smart TVboxes.


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