YIFYMovies and YTS problems for new owners

YIFYMovies and YTS: Several movie companies are trying to shut down two of the largest torrent sites on the Internet through the federal court in Hawaii. The companies accuse the owners of the websites and of massively violating the copyright law.

With millions of visitors, is one of the largest torrents sites on the Internet, even bigger than the legendary Pirate Bay.

YIFYMovies and YTS

The site "unofficially" took over the brand name YTS when the original team stopped operating the page in 2015. It's one of the many websites that uses the YTS and YIFY domains to serve pirated content, and anything else you can imagine, from ads to malware.

The popularity of these sites naturally attracted the interest of filmmakers and a group of them filed lawsuits in a federal court in Hawaii.

The companies that have created the movies Singularity, Once Upon a Time in
Venice, Mechanic: Resurrection, The Hitman's Bodyguard, I Feel Pretty, Boyka: Undisputed and Hunter Killer, accuse the alleged administrators of and of causing and contributing to mass piracy.

The lawsuit was filed last month, but so far there appear to be no results. Admin names are not known, and are referred to as Doe 1 and Doe 2 respectively.

"The defendants DOE 1 and DOE 2 are causing harm to the plaintiffs' businesses by diverting customers to unauthorized online content distribution services from the domains and"

Both websites work differently., which now uses the domain, is a torrent site and is by far the most popular of The second domain allows users to stream content directly to the site.

The filmmakers are suing both domains for copyright infringement, as they have helped millions of users download or broadcast movies without permission, while also making money through advertising.

Content creators are seeking compensation, which can be as high as $ 150.000 per movie.

In addition, the companies request the closure of the domains, and from hosting companies, domain registrars and their blocking by search engines.

Although no court order has been issued yet, suddenly disappeared a few days ago. This may be due to legal action or even a DMCA complaint against Cloudflare in an attempt to identify the site.

The domain remains online until today.

Read the indictment filed by Torrentfreak (pdf).




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