(beta) the new search engine is a relatively new search engine that is currently in beta. Its creators describe it as a search engine "that shows the best parts of the Internet" to its users. There are currently no ads and many privacy features, especially in private mode.


According to, sensitive data is never stored by the service, sold or distributed to third parties. Users can use the search engine with or without an account. Using an account trains the AI ​​you use to deliver improved search results.

There are a number of features that are different compared to traditional search engines. One of these features is application support. Basically, what the new service does is add supported sources to a section of the results list. If you trust a specific source, for example, BBC News for news, then you can add them to your search.

The list of sources has about 150 entries at the moment and there is currently no option to add your own sources. At the moment, some of the existing sources seem to have been chosen because of popularity and not because of quality.

The design used to display search results is also different. You have the option to use a solid or detailed display of the results and you can also switch between dark and light subjects. When you start typing a search query, the suggestions appear automatically.

The private mode does not store search queries or the user's IP address.
Also, all search queries are routed through a proxy provided by the service, so that results sites do not come into direct contact with the user's IP address or device.

At the moment the new service does not state where the results it displays come from. Is it from its own indexes or does it use results from any of the major search engines? The Best Technology Site in Greece
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