You will live longer if the sun was calm on the day you were born

A strange study carried out by Norwegian scientists says that people born during periods of sunbathing will live longer than others !!Solar Flare Sun

It could be perhaps the most eccentric scientific article that has been published since a group of Norwegian scientists have argued that the average age of a human being, ie his lifetime, depends on the sun's phase on the day he was born. In short, the researchers claim that the periodic activity of the sun has to do with when we will shake the petals.

Scientists argue that, having researched solar activity between 1676-1878 and the time of death of people born during this period, they found that those who were born during the periods of sun-tranquility lived longer. So, a magazine report Proceedings of the Royal Society B  says that children born during the low-activity sun lived about 5,2 years longer than the rest.

In addition, they report that fertility and successful reproductive process have declined in women born during the years of high solar activity.

Researchers believe that those who were born when sun were rather nervous tend to die prematurely because, during these times, the celestial body produces enormous amounts of ultraviolet radiation, which can damage cells and even DNA.

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