Thursday 1th December YouTube presents 4K streaming

YouTube is increasingly seen as a streaming platform by itself. As quickly emerging market players are getting closer to the market, adding new features even faster.

The next big thing is streaming videos with 4K resolution.

Beginning with today 1 in December, it will be possible for all content creators to broadcast to 4K 1080p analysis. youtube streaming

YouTube goes to be established as a video site for all uses, and the company hastened to emphasize that this feature can be used for major events such as immersive streaming of events and concerts.

For creators this means they will be able to take advantage of an incredibly clear video and streaming video, which can help to promote their material (and their talent). And with 360 4K live streaming, we literally reach the limit. Get ready for concerts and events with streaming 360 degrees that look clearer, cleaner and brighter than ever before.

Of course, this feature will allow YouTube to increase its revenue in the lucrative e-sports market.

This is a market that was recently valued at about 1 billion dollars, and is now in a near-stable growth phase. Since both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were updated this year with improved support for 4K content, it was the perfect time to present this feature.

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