YouTube what is search-by-song or search-by-song

According a recent YouTube announcement, users will be able to use a new “search by song” feature, which will help them find a song simply by humming its music.


YouTube has unveiled a new Android experiment that lets users find songs by humming the music, which represents a major advance over Apple's music recognition app Shazam.

The company introduced a "search by song" feature in the Android app, allowing users to identify songs on YouTube by singing a song. As described on YouTube's support page, this experimental feature allows Android users to switch from YouTube's voice search to the new song search feature.

They can then hum or sing a song for at least three seconds. The platform then identifies the song and directs users to relevant YouTube videos related to the searched song. These videos could include the official music video, user generated content or Shorts.

The search-by-song feature is currently accessible to a limited group of Android users. If this feature is rolled out more widely, it will be a valuable tool for many, as YouTube is a popular platform for song discovery.

This recent YouTube experiment may look familiar to some users. In 2020, Google, the parent company of YouTube, first introduced a similar feature in the Google app, Google Search widget, and Google Assistant The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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