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Below we will see how you can do more with YouTube by "teasing" the URLs.

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Here are some tricks with YouTube URLs that will allow you to make the most of the service, such as converting a video to GIF. First the simple ones:

Link to any part of a video

Normally, when you copy a link from a YouTube video and open it, it starts over. But if you want to show someone a specific section of a video or skip a long introduction, you can add a timestamp to the URL to get started at that moment.

You can do this in two ways. By manually adding &t=YmXX to the end of a URL. You should set Y (minutes) and XX () in the video. You can skip minutes or use only seconds, such as 90s for a minute and a half.

For example, the video:

It can be notified when it has already started playing for two minutes using this URL:

If you don't want to use the non method, stop the video where you want to share it and swipe right . Select Copy video URL at current time.

Play a video indefinitely

If you like one and you want to listen to it again and again, you can add one in the URL.

This will open the video on, which will constantly play the video for you.

So change this URL:


youtube / watch? v = H69hMdZ6EL8

Using the options below the video on the new page to change the start or end times of the video.

Of course you can do the same from YouTube. Just right-click on the YouTube video and turn on Loop on to continue playing it.


Bypassing age restrictions

YouTube has age restrictions on some of the videos it's flagged as containing for adults. If you don't have a YouTube account or don't want to log in to watch a video, you can tweak the address a bit. little trick to bypass the connection.

Let's get the same URL:

Add nsfw in front of the youtube section of the link, as shown here:

The video will open on a new site and there will be no age restrictions. If you still see the age restriction message, the new page will give you another option.

Skip a specific part of the introduction

Similar to the URL trick that allows you to select the start time of a video, you can also choose to skip a few seconds from the beginning of the video. You can not specify minutes with this, so you should use seconds.

So to skip the first 30 seconds of this video:

Add & start = 30 at the end of the URL:

Take a screenshot of any video

If you do a Google search for images you will see images from YouTube videos titled maxresdefault. With a custom URL, you can easily get a high quality screenshot for any YouTube video.

So we have the video and we want a picture.

Replace [VideoID] in the following link (exists after v = as you see above):[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg

So visit this link:

Create a GIF from a YouTube video

Did you find a video on YouTube that has a moment worth doing GIF? You can easily create an animated GIF from anywhere in a video by adding the gif before the YouTube link.

For example, we have the same link

Change URL:

You will be taken to, where you can add effects and crop the GIF according to your preferencesyou Once you're done, you can share it or download it to your computer.

All of the above will allow you to make the most of YouTube. Some are embedded in YouTube itself, while others use external services. It is possible that any of them will stop working in the future, so do not waste time. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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