YouTube Rewind 2016 Top 10: what did the Greeks watch

YouTube Rewind 2016: With more than one billion internet users worldwide, it's worth noting that one-third of them watch video they search on YouTube. This is a habit that loves the young generation, after having grown up watching any video it wants, whenever it wants and with whatever device it wants.

The same is true in Greece, where through the YouTube app on the mobile or on the tablet, the music and all the content of the platform are in ... our fingers wherever we go!


According to recent data from TNS, it is confirmed that 82% of Greek Internet users visit YouTube at least once a month.

YouTube coverage is growing in all age groups. Specifically, they visit the platform every week:

  • 94% of users aged 15 - 24
  • 89% of users aged 25 - 34
  • 80% of users aged 35 - 44
  • 65% of users aged 45 - 54
  • 47% of users over 55

It is noteworthy that 30% of internet users aged 25-44 say they watch YouTube more often than they watch TV. It also seems that users can easily convert YouTube to radio: have fun with it just by listening to or watching the videos of the new hits to be fully informed about the music developments.

So what are the most popular 2016 videos, according to the time users spent watching them, the number of shares, comments, likes, and more? What did the Greeks most see this year?

According to the lists of songs that marked this year, the Greeks loved their song more Konstantinou Nazi ft Knock Out: "When I hurt, I'm glad". 2o follows the favorite song of the unforgettable Pantelis Pantelidis: "I remember"But we will still find one of his songs at 1η ten, while 3ο we find the "Count Reverse”By Konstantinos Koufos. However, the top 10 music videos show the tendency of Greeks to strongly support the domestic music industry, but also to love foreign hits with the list eventually being divided into domestic and foreign hits.

Top Music Videos

  1. Knock Out feat. Konstantinos Nazis When It Hurts I Celebrate - Official Videoclip
  2. Pantelis Pantelidis - I remember
  3. Konstantinos Koufos - I Count Reverse (5,4,3,2,1) Official Music Video [HD]
  4. Era Istrefi - Bonbon (Official Video)
  5. Sia - Cheap Thrills (Lyric Video) ft. Sean Paul
  6. SNIK feat Ypo - DAB
  7. Pantelis Pantelidis - The Written of My Heart
  8. Ypo - Maradona
  9. Calvin Harris - This Is What You Came For (Official Video) ft. Rihanna
  10. Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official video)

YouTube, in addition to a music video hosting platform, is also the place to express content creators. In the top 10 list 2J and Jeremy stand out as the top, most popular and beloved YouTubers.

Top Video

  1. 2J - The Comments Song 6
  2. Greek Artists 4! (The Parodies #15)
  3. Love as if there is no tomorrow - Part 1
  4. Manos - Οιμαι SWAG ft. Greek Mother (Official Video Clip)
  5. The Worst Musical Group!
  6. Jeremy | DAB
  7. Jeremy | Love Only - Maradona
  8. Pokémon Go Song ?! (Video Reactions #8)
  9. COTES! (Video Reactions #7)
  10. What Not to Say Funeral! (BM #12)

For more information on the top videos that have been featured worldwide, please see here the official blogpost in English

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