YouTube Shorts has been released by TikTok's competitor

TikTok's competitor from UAF YouTubeThe UAF YouTube Shorts, released now worldwide. The service first launched in India last year, before expanding to about 26 countries, including the US and UK. Now the UAF YouTube Shorts, which is still in beta, is available in more than 100 countries around the world where it is already available and UAF YouTube.


The UAF YouTube Shorts looks like TikTok as a small video selection platform, but Google's service promotes the integration of Shorts with its wider ecosystem UAF YouTube as a key ingredient. The company recently added the ability for Shorts creators to experiment with video and audio UAF YouTube and mentions that he is exploring ways to quickly add links from Shorts to his videos UAF YouTube of which have been used.

Ironically, while the UAF YouTube tries to emulate the form of TikTok, TikTok experiments with forms that are closer to its traditional focus UAF YouTube. It recently tripled the maximum video duration to three minutes for everyone and released applications on TV platforms such as Android TV and Fire TV.

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