YouTube ends emails for new uploads

Multi-channel YouTube users will know that the service allows them to receive email notifications of any new uploads from channel owners.

Alerts can, of course, be turned off by notification settings. Now, Google he said that it will stop email notifications for new video uploads from August 13th.

The changes will only affect email notifications, as the company says new upload notifications will continue to be displayed via Android and iOS mobile apps and Web alerts for those who have selected them.

The reason why the company changes the old system is that users open less than 0,1% of email notifications.

In addition, Google states that other important email communications related to user accounts, mandatory service announcements, and more will not be affected.

Regarding the effects on engagement due to the lack of these alerts, the company states that it found no effect on consumption or "tracking time" during its experiment, adding that more people interact with push alerts for mobiles and their Subscriptions feed ”.

While the change is small, it will actually help users reduce the volume of emails especially if they are subscribed to multiple channels. YouTube adds that reduced emails will help users identify and pay attention to important emails. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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