YouTube Vanced alternative applications

The popular YouTube Vanced app for Android stops working, at least in the new facilities (for now).

YouTube Vanced was never available on Google Play, so it was not that simple to set up. If the but you succeeded with the installation, offered a number of features that enhanced the viewing and browsing experience on YouTube.

Features such as built-in ad blocking, dark mode support, more control over video resolutions and qualities, or disabling certain YouTube features and features were some of the things that made it popular.YouTube, Vanced, YouTube Vanced, iguru

According to The Verge, Google sent a letter to Vanced developers asking them to stop growing. The letter resulted in the immediate cessation of YouTube Vanced. The application will continue to work on those who have already installed it according to the developers, but will eventually stop working.

Here are some alternatives to Vanced that you may want to try:


NewPipe is another open source client for YouTube that does many things better than Google's official YouTube application. NewPipe is not available on Google Play, but Android users can download it from the developer's website or via the F-Droid.

NewPipe blocks YouTube video ads, supports video downloads, and plays in the background, among other things. It is fast and efficient to use and gives users many options to customize the YouTube view.

sky tube

SkyTube is another open source client for YouTube. The application for Android is available through its own website and through it F-Droid.

Like NewPipe, it adds features that many users would find essential to YouTube on Android. Videos are played without ads and the option to download content is also provided. The app only offers a viewing experience, and does not support logging in to a YouTube account. However, features such as channel subscriptions, bookmarks or comment reading are supported.

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LibreTube is an open source YouTube frontend that currently is available as a beta. It is updated regularly

Although still in beta, it supports important features such as ad-free viewing and video downloads.

Firefox for Android with uBlock Origin

Firefox for Android is one of the few browsers for Android that supports extensions. Although it does not support all available Firefox extensions, it does support some basic ones, including uBlock Origin.

Download Firefox, and select Menu> Extras and enable uBlock Origin. Ads are automatically blocked when you visit YouTube in your browser.

Downloading to this means that you do not receive additional features offered by third-party clients, such as video downloads. The functionality is limited to what the YouTube web version offers.

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