YouTube: Putting up to 10 ads before playing the normal video?

YouTube is testing showing users up to 10 short non-skippable ads before playing the regular video

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If you're still using YouTube, you may have noticed an increase in ads recently, and non-skippable ones at that.

Until now, YouTube viewers saw up to two non-skippable ads before the featured video. Now, YouTube is testing an increase to 5, 7, 8 or even 10 short ads before the actual video.

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Non-skippable ads appear before videos. Unlike other ads on YouTube, these ads are shorter and non-skippable. YouTube also shows other types of ads, including longer ads where viewers can skip after five seconds of viewing.

Non-skippable ads have a play time of six seconds each. If you have to watch 5, 7 or even 10 of these ads, it increases your ad viewing time by up to 500%. In seconds, the display time increases from 12 seconds to 30, 42 or even 60 seconds, before the selected video starts playing.

YouTube revealed on Twitter that the increase would only occur with a specific form of advertising, called bumper ads.

Hmmm… this can happen with a specific type of ad format called bumper ads, as they are only up to 6 seconds long. If you want, you can send comments directly from YouTube via the comment submission tool

Ads, and more ads
Showing more ads on YouTube significantly increases revenue on the platform. Google knows that the majority of users will not leave the site for someone else, as the content may not be available on alternatives.

Unless creators move en masse to another platform, YouTube is pretty much free to do whatever it wants on the site without having to fear serious repercussions.

The increase in ads on the site serves other purposes: users who are tired of ads can sign up for YouTube Premium, a paid subscription, to get rid of them. YouTube Premium is available for €8,49/month in Greece. That's a lot of money, especially compared to streaming services like Disney+, Netflix (Basic) or Amazon Prime Video, all of which are available for less.

What YouTube viewers can do about it
On desktop, installing a content blocker such as uBlock Origin or SponsorBlock can help you get rid of the majority of ads on the platform. Some browsers, such as Brave, include content blockers, which may also deal with the majority of ads on the platform.

On mobile, browsers that include content blocking features, such as Brave or Microsoft Edge , may do the trick. Exclusive apps for YouTube like NewPipe or Revvanced is another option.

You may as well not use Chrome!.

There are many ways to support content creators on YouTube and elsewhere. Some tools have options to disable content blocking for specific channels, but there are other ways, such as a donation, for example. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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