Supercomputer will provide cyber attacks

In the television series "Person of Interest", The" Machine "is at the center of the plot: one supercomputer connected to the whole network of security cameras, mobiles, etc., which can gather and analyze the data of human activity, anticipating terrorist and criminal activities.


In a similar context, a US Information Services competition is launched to develop software that will be able to analyze publicly available data and network activity of a particular organization to identify patterns that indicate imminent cybercrime / chaos.

As stated in a related DefenseOne publication, IBM is particularly interested in the program CAUSE (Cyber-attack Automated Unconventional Sensor Environment), presenting a basic approach at the end of January.

These plans include a four-year "race" to develop a completely new way of detecting cyber-attacks, hours and weeks earlier than current systems, in accordance with IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity).

Tprogram systems will calculate when an attacker could try to break a system or install malicious code, and would also predict when an attacker might potentially "flood" a network with a false Denial of Service traffic.

Such systems have been used to predict the spread of Ebola, as well as other illnesses or political turmoil. However, they are also considered to be used to predict cyber attacks.

Approximately 150 participants appeared in the event in January. As reported in the report, it will not be a "high-precision" science, as there will surely be false alarms - and human assistance will always be required. The aim is not to replace the analysts, but to reduce the size of the "barn" to which the "flea" is being sought.


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