BIOS downgrade to Windows computer

See how you can downgrade the bios on a Windows computer.

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Recently, several Dell users were found have trouble starting their computer due to an error in the latest bios version. At the moment the only way to deal with this issue is to simply downgrade the bios.

There are many instructions and articles on how to download your operating system version but not for the bios, as it is not a common malfunction management solution. But it may be necessary, as for Dell users. Let's see what you have to do.

How to downgrade the bios to a Windows computer
You can easily downgrade your computer bios. It works just like updating the bios, you just need to install an older version of the bios and you will be ready. Keep in mind that so upgrade as well as degradation is a very risky move, so you need to be careful when generally changing the bios.

To degrade the bios you just need to download and run a file, but first of all, you need to make sure that you are downloading the correct version of the bios and that you are only downloading files for your system. For this, it is best to check the serial number.

Before proceeding with the process, it is good to reconsider your decision !!. BIOS downgrading should be your last resort and should only be performed if all else fails.

But if you insist on downgrading see the instructions below where they have an example Dell PC, but the procedure is the same for all computers, except that you will need to go to the respective website of your motherboard to download the bios version you are interested in . Let's see the steps.

Step 1: First of all, find out your serial number. Open Command Prompt as an administrator, and then run the following command:

wmic bios get serialnumber

This will give you the serial number of your bios. You can then use it to find the right file for you, from your computer's website.

step 2: Go to your PC and Dell Web site at

step 3: Next, look for the bios file with your serial number. If you are sure what you are doing then you can search by your device model. Find the bios version you want and download it.

step 4: Now, it's time to downgrade the bios. There are two ways. The first one is a bit easy to run, so try it and if it doesn't work try the second one. These are the ways.

A. Without USB
B. With USB
Let's go see them:

A] Without USB

There are two conditions here, you have a laptop so you have a battery or not (not if you do not see the battery icon in the taskbar). If you have a battery, simply go to the file you downloaded in step 3, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. Then follow the instructions on your screen.

If you do not have a battery or if Windows does not recognize your battery, then you must use the Command Prompt. Copy the downloaded file to drive C. Then note the name of this file and execute the following commands.

<filename> / forceit

Note: If your filename does not contain .exe, then add it. For example: 9P33A05.exe.

B] With USB

If the first method did not work, then you need to use your USB stick to get the job done. Download Rufus from

bootable usb for bios

Open Rufus, connect your USB and select it in Rufus, change the Boot selection option to FreeDOS and the File system to FAT32. Finally, click Start. Once your disc is ready. Copy to this downloaded bios file.

Then restart your computer and press F2 or F12 to enter the bios, also make sure that you have enabled BOOT via USB and of course that you have the option to do so when you turn on the computer. Save and restart again. Once you boot with your USB, you will see a screen asking you to give commands.

If you can see the contents of your USB, run the second command, but if you do not see the contents, run the first command before running the second.

<όνομα αρχείου>.exe

After executing the commands, you will be asked to confirm your action, click Y (yes) whenever you are asked.

dell bios

For Dell computers, the Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery Tool can help you if your computer can not boot into the operating system even after repeated attempts. Other brands have similar tools.

List of where you can download BIOS installation files:
You can visit your computer manufacturer's website to download device drivers. Here is the list.


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