YTS mx: ban on the domain by the registrar

The domain, hosted one of the most popular torrent pages. But as of today the domain is locked and no longer displays the page.

Gandi domain registrar put the domain in "clientHold" state, for legal issues. The YTS page was one of the most popular torrent sites on the Internet, competing with even Pirate Bay.
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The site was renamed YTS "unofficially" when the original group left them in 2015. Since then, it has amassed an impressive number of users.

Of course, this rise was not without problems. The site administrator has "won" various lawsuits and had previously agreed to pay over a million dollars in settlements. In addition, YTS had many problems with domain names.

When the site was first launched it used the domain, in which two years later it changed to In 2019, the site was moved again to another domain (, which was later changed to

The Mexican TLD (.mx) has been used by the site for over a year, but today it suddenly ceased to exist. Those trying to visit the page will see an error in the browser they are using.

screenshot 2021 07 26 22 06 12

This error can occur in many cases, but in this case it comes from the Gandi domain registrar. A few hours ago, the French company changed the status of the domain to clientHold, which is a punitive measure.

yts domain

Update The domain is back and running again…

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