Zen Flowchart: Simple, easy and online flow chart designer

Zen Flowchart is an easy, online tool for creating flowcharts, organization charts, process diagrams, sitemaps and more.

Zen Flowchart

If you need to present a flowchart, then Zen Flowchart will help you easily and simply, without having to refer to complex programs, either from Microsoft or other third parties. It is a light tool with a clean, minimal appearance that gives you the basic features. Creates charts with just a few clicks.

The options are basic, which is why it is simple to use. You can change the color of a node, the size and style of the font, the style of the connecting lines, the size of the squares, etc. Changes are automatically saved each time a graph is changed. Charts can be saved and changed in a second time.

You can export them as a PNG image or publish them to a unique URL that you can share.

The service has one free and one paid (pro) version. The free one we are interested in, allows you to create and save up to three charts in your account and each chart can have up to 20 squares.

Finally, the service requires its home screen, an email and a password so that you can reconnect with your account in it and find your tasks. There is no verification of the email you provide, so you can use a random and non-existent email address.

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