Hacked and Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1

Internet Explorer 10Yesterday we mentioned about it hacking on Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as iPhone on iOS 7.0.3 held in the Pwn2Own contest. While the contest continues, new ones are revealed zero-day. As everything seems to be Microsoft has to deal with one more zero-day exploit found in a new version of her Internet Explorer. Vulnerability was discovered by HP security researchers and presented at Pwn2Own.

The PCWorld reports that the researchers Abdul Aziz Hariri and Matt Molinyawe of HP were able to access one Surface Pro tablet with Windows 8.1, through a bug at IE11. The exploit allowed them to gain remote access and execute code. As Hariri puts it, "it gave us complete control of the whole system."

The flaw has already been reported to Microsoft, but no one knows when to release a patch that closes the exploit.

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