ZeroPhone: The Open Source smartphone with Linux

ZeroPhone: The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that costs (from) $ 35, the size of a credit card. Connect a keyboard, TV or DVI / HDMI monitor and an SD card with a supported Linux installed or FreeBSD now and you have a small computer, all ready to go to work or camping as it can be powered even by fire. It is no coincidence that it was announced in one of the top five Linux projects for 2012.

Out of it Raspberry Pi Zero is considered to be one of the most accessible and useful innovations in the computer industry. It has helped children learn programming. It's what gave developers the ability to develop, at a low cost, powerful DIY projects (DIY = do-it-yourself = do it yourself). You can really make incredible creations with a Raspberry Pi and not unfairly become a real success among of technology supporters around the world.ZeroPhone

One of these creations is also the "smart" ZeroPhone phone that is listed in the Hackaday.
It is Open Source - and therefore very cheap - and is powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero. It runs Linux and you can make one yourself, with its components costing just $ 50. The accessories can also be found at eBay and to Amazon.

Why ZeroPhone?

Because it has everything you need from a smartphone, and it runs Linux.
You can make calls, send, send SMS, and run apps, while being free of apps that compromise your security.
Note that you can also write applications for this phone.
At its strong points that it is also pentesting - that is, it does a security check for any weak points of the system.

Soon, crowdfunding is expected (phonetics from the crowd) of the phone. [Crowdfunding is a new form of financing, operated by 2009 in the United States and in countries in Europe, which has partly changed the terms of economic play across the globe since the creators manage to make their idea in practice to the small investments of thousands of Internet users. The creator of the project receives the donation money after the end of the specified date, usually 30 days.]


The ZeroPhone, as we said, is built using a Raspberry Pi Zero. Special care has been taken so that you can choose its components and assemble it yourself. For this reason, to make it easy to assemble yourself by simply purchasing its components, there are no custom terminals / plugs (sockets), nor is it difficult to find the components and weld them.

You can also connect a numeric keypad, 128 × 64 OLED display, 2G modem, WiFi, GPIO extension header, etc. on the phone.

Python programming language is used to develop applications.
The operating system used is the Raspbian Linux distribution, based on Debian Jessie.

ZeroPhone does not lack any features, since it has WiFi as a smartphone, it can of course be used for calls and SMS and generally has all the basic applications and functions like alarm clock, calendar, phonebook, file search engine, web browser and music player (music player). Since it is actually a Linux computer, you can run all applications that are compatible with ARM kernel devices. And yes, you can also use secure SSH (Secure Shell), the secure network protocol that not only encrypts the data exchanged during the session, but also provides a secure recognition system as well as other features such as secure file transfer - SSH File Transfer Protocol, SFTP, etc.).

The ZeroPhone manufacturer writes that you can also use it for pentesting (security checks) and experimenting.


DIY · do it yourself

The components used to build ZeroPhone are:

- Raspberry Pi Zero

- SIM800 modules

- ESP8266-12E for WiFi

- 2-layer PCBs

- ATMega328P

- LCD screen

- Battery

- Battery charger TP4056

- Buttons for the keyboard

- 2.54 headers

Information on how to assemble and even make your own "smart" ZeroPhone phone, you can see here.

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