Zipcall video calls with E2E encryption and without installation

Zipcall is a service that offers free video calls with encryption without the need for installation. It is a new video calling service that offers encrypted end-to-end video calling.

This is a decentralized service which means that there are no data storage servers which ensures more privacy.


One of the great things about the Zipcall web application is that you do not have to install anything or create an account. Just visit the web application, create a "room" and share the link to invite whoever you want.

Zipcall is currently offering one-on-one video calls and promises that group video calls will be available soon.

It is one of the simplest video calling services and you can use it from any browser. However, there are some features that work best with Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers. If you use Google Chrome, everything will be fine, if not, you can use Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera Mini, etc. for better performance.


Features of the Zipcall service:

Decentralized and end-to-end encrypted video calls
There are no servers that store your data
Text chat
Picture-in-Picture mode
Live Caption (experimental mode, works in Chrome)
Better video quality with minimal latency

Generally Zipcall is a new service that stands out for privacy and security features. The service eliminated security problems using data transfer via the P2P protocol, of course with end-to-end encryption so that no one else can use the data.

As a result, the service is secure and the video quality is much better than many others even with low bandwidth. Of course there are many possibilities that are still under development. We hope they will be added to the service soon.

Try the service

Visit the page, click on Test Now and you will be taken to a new screen. Select the name you want and click on Go to my Call. Congratulations on creating your own chat room. Copy the address and send it to whoever you want.

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